Employment at STLC

Working at Stanley Total Living Center is a rewarding career as we minister to and serve others in their golden years. We invite you to learn more about job opportunities at our facility.


Personnel Philosophy

At STLC, we have an overarching Biblically-based philosophy that governs our relationships with employees:


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Luke 6:31)


For More Information


Shelly Cheshire
Human Resource Director

(704) 263-7116


Current Openings & How To Apply

Stanley Total Living Center is currently seeking applicants for the following positions:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Shifts)
  • Dietary Aides (2nd Shift)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (2nd Shift)
  • Registered Nurse (2nd Shift)


To Apply

Please fill out our online employment application. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.


Job Benefits at STLC

In addition to government required benefits such as Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, State Disability, FMLA and Unemployment Insurance; STLC provides a wide range of elective benefits some of which are listed below:


Scholarship Program

STLC will provide educational assistance/scholarships to all eligible employees who have completed 365 calendar days of service in an eligible employment classification. To maintain eligibility employees must remain on the active payroll and be performing their job satisfactorily through completion of each course.  Eligible employees should complete a scholarship application form which will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for approval. Individual courses or courses that are part of a degree, licensing, or certification program must be related to the employee’s current job duties or a foreseeable-future position in the organization in order to be eligible for educational assistance. STLC has the sole discretion to determine whether a course relates to an employee’s current job duties or a foreseeable-future position.


Payroll Deduction for Uniform Cost

STLC has a uniform company to set up in the building every few months as a convenience for employees. Employees may purchase uniforms and have the cost of the uniforms deducted from their pay over four pay periods rather than pay for the uniforms out-of-pocket.


Employee Benevolence Fund

STLC maintains an Employee Benevolence Fund through a separate account known as Mercy Ministries.  The goal of Mercy Ministries is to maintain the facility mission of “a ministry of compassion” and the personnel philosophy of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you—Luke 6:31”.  The Employee Benevolence Fund is intended as a last resort for an employee facing financial hardships during times of personal crisis such as illness, injury, or death.


Perfect Attendance Recognition Program

Every January and July, employees who have had perfect attendance the previous six months are treated to a diner out with the Administrator, Human Resources and their individual managers, which is paid for by STLC.


403(B) Savings Plan

STLC has established a 403(B) savings plan to provide employees the potential for future financial security for retirement.  To be eligible to join the 403(B) savings plan, you must complete 12 months of service. You may join the plan only during open enrollment periods. Eligible employees may participate in the 403(B) plan subject to all terms and conditions of the plan. The 403(B) savings plan allows you to elect how much salary you want to contribute and direct the investment of your plan account, so you can tailor your own retirement package to meet your individual needs. STLC also contributes an additional matching amount up to 4% to each employee’s 403(B) contribution.


Bereavement Leave

Up to 2 days of paid bereavement leave will be provided to eligible employees with at least 90-days of service.


Dental Insurance/Medical Insurance/
Life Insurance/ Vision Care Insurance/
Short-Term Disability/Supplemental Medical Coverage

All regular full time employees are eligible to participate in the insurance plans. Eligible employees may participate in the insurance plans subject to all terms and conditions of the agreement between STLC and the insurance carrier.


Jury Duty Leave

STLC encourages employees to fulfill their civic responsibilities by serving jury duty when required.   Jury duty pay will be calculated on the employee’s base pay rate times the number of hours the employee would otherwise have worked on the day of absence minus the amount paid to the employee by the court systems.  Only full time regular employees qualify for paid jury duty leave.


PTO (Vacation/Sick/Holiday)

The Paid Time Off (PTO) policy combines vacation, sick, and holiday pay into a single program that provides eligible employees greater control of their time off.  It is intended as a reward for past service and to provide sufficient rest/relaxation so that the employee may remain physically and mentally refreshed, which is essential to the overall job performance of all employees.


Departmental Recognition and Appreciation
during the weeks that the field is being nationally recognized

Each department is recognized through week long festivities during their individually nationally recognized week. (Nurses, Dietary, Nursing Assistants, Housekeeping, Administrative, etc.).


Benefits eligibility is dependent upon a variety of factors, including employee classification. Human Resources or each employees Department Manager is available to assist each employee in identifying the programs for which they are eligible. Details of many of these programs can be found elsewhere in the employee handbook.